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Montgomery County, Maryland is the most populous county in Maryland, and is most well known for some of its cities, including Silver Spring and Bethesda. It is part of the booming Baltimore-Washington metro area, and is considered to be one of the most affluent counties in the United States.


Montgomery County is approximately 491.25 square miles and is home more than one million people. Nearly 52% of Montgomery County residents were female, and approximately 24% of residents were reported to be 18 years and younger. With an estimated 382,241 households, Montgomery County has a median household income of $98,221 – a figure that continues to rank far above the national average.


Montgomery County is considered an important business and research center in Maryland and is known as an epicenter for biotechnology in the prosperous Mid-Atlantic region.

It ranks third in the nation for biotechnology, with organizations such as Johns Hopkins University’s Montgomery Campus and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute residing in the area. Additionally, a number of federal government agencies are engaged in related work in this economic hub.

Montgomery County continues to be dominated by the private sector, as well as the education sector, with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Montgomery County Public Schools among the top employers in the area. In addition, the urban hubs of Bethesda and Silver Spring provide a strong workforce that rivals many major city cores.

Crime touches Montgomery County in the same way it does any other community in the United States. It is in white-collar areas that fraud may often be more prevalent.

Fraud Offenses

While crimes are most often imagined to be violent in nature, some of the most common offenses do not involve any aspect of physical violence. For example, crimes that result in the loss of great sums of money, such as fraud offenses, do not involve any sort of criminal violence.

Fraud crimes, which can best be defined as some dishonest means to deprive an individual of their money, property or legal right, are non-violent in nature and are often referred to as white-collar crimes. These offenses include mortgage fraud, credit card fraud, insurance fraud and/or racketeering schemes.

If the alleged fraud involves federal means of communication, such as mail, fax, telephones or the Internet, the federal authorities may step in. If you or your business is being targeted or investigated for a fraud offense, you need criminal defense attorneys who not only understand your situation but the laws that govern you as well.

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