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Felony Firearm Charges In Washington D.C. Can Lead To A Lengthy Sentence

At Lotze Mosley, our Washington D.C. gun crime attorney know that our District has very stringent gun laws, which make it incredibly hard to even register a firearm, let alone get a permit to carry one.

These obstacles include requiring gun owners to have a “special need” in order to obtain a concealed carry license. These special needs require that the applicant has to demonstrate one of two things in order to obtain the permit. 1.) S/he has a specific and credible threat against them 2) S/he works in an inherently dangerous profession.

As most of our residents know, these special provisions do not apply to everyone, yet gun ownership is still a right that is afforded by the Second Amendment of our Constitution. The details of the law get very complicated, especially in our Nation’s Capital. When our residents are arrested on a gun charge, they are going to need an experienced criminal defense attorney to place our laws in perspective for the courts.

Our goal is to always protect the rights of our clients, inside and outside the courtroom, no matter their criminal histories or their current charges. Unfortunately, both are important aspects of criminal cases that involve gun crimes, which is why it is so important to seek a seasoned criminal defense attorney’s representation if you are caught carrying a gun without a license in Washington D.C.

Is Carrying A Gun Without A Permit A Felony In Washington D.C.?

Carrying a gun without a license is a felony crime in Washington D.C., no matter who you are. The law is very clear on this, and even if you are carrying a gun that is legally registered in another state, you may not carry it in Washington D.C. without a permit that directly applies in the District.

What If I Have Been Convicted Of A Felony? Can I Carry a Gun?

If someone has a prior felony conviction, Washington D.C. criminal law prohibits that person from possessing a firearm.

A felon in possession of a firearm carries a lengthy jail sentence, beginning with a one- to three-year mandatory minimum behind bars, depending on the nature of the prior felony conviction.

Mandatory minimum jail sentences mean that the judge cannot lawfully suspend that time of the sentence no matter the extenuating circumstances of the case.

What If I Am Found In Possession Of A Firearm During A Crime?

Possession of a firearm during a crime of violence is a very serious crime in Washington D.C.

This charge carries a mandatory minimum of five years in jail. And with a wide net cast over what is considered a violent crime in Washington D.C., these charges require an accomplished criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and produce results.

Have You Been Charged With A Gun Crime In Washington D.C.?

If you have been charged with a gun crime in Washington D.C., ensure your rights are protected before speaking with the prosecutor by consulting with our experienced Washington D.C. criminal defense attorney today by calling +1 202-393-0535. Your livelihood and freedom may be at stake without the proper legal representation. Do not leave your outcome to chance. Contact us today.

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