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What Are the Terms of DUI Probation in Washington D.C. and Maryland?

At Lotze Mosley LLP, our criminal defense attorneys in Washington D.C. and Maryland explain to each of our clients that criminal charges and their penalties are unique to each person’s case.

While first time DUI offenders often face less serious consequences, the circumstances of their arrest will dictate the exact outcome. Many factors will be assessed when the charges are being filed with the prosecutor’s office, including the driver’s blood alcohol content level and whether there were any minor passengers in the vehicle at the time of their arrest. Or if the intoxicated driver caused an accident, property damage, or if an injury while they were behind the wheel.

If you have been charged with a DUI, our driving under the influence attorneys in Washington D.C. and Maryland will review your case and provide a complete outline of what to expect from the legal process, so we can prepare your case accordingly — which means getting your charges decreased or dismissed, when possible.

What Are the Standard Probation Terms for a DUI in Washington D.C. and Maryland?

A DUI, in most cases, is as a misdemeanor, which means the DUI probation terms would be less stringent than that of felony probation terms.

The terms of a DUI misdemeanor probation may include any combination of the following:

  • Reporting to a probation officer on schedule
  • Paying fines and/or court costs
  • Paying any restitution due, when applicable
  • Following orders to not consume alcohol or drugs for the duration of the probation period
  • Submitting to random drug screenings
  • Completing required community service hours
  • Completing alcohol treatment as mandated by the court
  • Attending AA/NA meetings
  • Committing no new offenses while on probation
  • Terms of DUI Probation

If you do not complete the terms or conditions of probation, some of the consequences include the possibility of additional probation terms, significant fines, a revoked probation, or potential jail time.

What If I Have Already Violated the Terms of My DUI Probation?

If you have violated your DUI probation terms — either knowingly or unknowingly — contact our DUI Lawyers in Washington, D.C. .or Maryland at Lotze Mosley LLP right away by calling (202) 393-0535 to discuss your case and learn the best way to proceed with making amends with the court before the repercussions become too great to overcome.

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