Sex Crimes & The Consequences of False Allegations

Since 1993, the criminal defense attorney at Lotze Mosley have represented individuals charged with sex crimes in Maryland and Washington D.C., to ensure that each of our clients receives the best outcome available for their case. We often represent individuals who have the same question, “Can I go to jail for a sex crime I didn’t commit?”

The reality is, without a properly experienced attorney – the answer may surprise you. Sex crimes can be categorized through charges that include sexual assault or rape, and when you are accused of a crime, the difference in the terminology associated with your case will make the difference in the severity of the charges waged against you.

What’s the Difference Between Sexual Assault and Rape?

Even if you are being wrongfully accused of a sex crime, the exact charges are going to dictate how your case is handled. According to the Bureau of Justice, the difference between sexual assault and rape are clear.

Rape is the act of forced sexual intercourse that includes both physical force and psychologic coercion. This can include male and female victims, of the same or opposite sexes. Attempted rape can include a verbal threat of rape and is also a serious charge.

Sexual assault can include a wide variety of charges that exclude rape or attempted rape. These crimes can include attempted attacks and actual attacks involving unwanted contact and can include actions that may or may not involve force, including touching, fondling, or grabbing. Sexual assault charges can also be the result of verbal threats without physical contact.

Why Would Someone Falsely Accuse Another of a Sex Crime?

Wrongfully accusing anyone of a crime is an abuse of the police and justice department resources at each level of the investigation and is something our sex crimes attorney at Lotze Mosley take seriously.

Outside of the courts, false allegations can cause significant public and individual harm to those who are confronted with the charges. These accusations can be applied by an individual who may be seeking revenge or who is trying to cover up their personal involvement with someone to avoid the trouble of their own.

While there are numerous unique claims that are witnessed by our sex crimes attorney, each of which can lead to very common penalties including:

  • Jail time
  • Registering as a sex offender
  • Sex crime charge appearing on your record, without the proper expungement
  • Public humiliation
  • Character assassination

How Can Lotze Mosley Help Counter Sex Crime Charges?

Fabrication and criminal fraud can be outlined by our experienced sex crimes attorney at Lotze Mosley in Washington D.C. and Maryland by thoroughly investigating the initial report that was filed against our clients.

These reports can include:

  • False Reports
    • A false report is a crime that is reported to a law enforcement agency that prompts an investigation that proves the sex crime never occurred
  • Baseless Reports
    • A baseless report determines that an incident does not meet the elements of a crime
  • Unsubstantiated Reports
    • An unsubstantiated report determines there is insufficient evidence to determine whether a crime occurred

Falsely accusing someone of a sex crime, even as a threat or revenge tactic, is a serious matter, but being the one who is falsely accused can be confusing and terrifying. If you have been arrested for sexual impropriety, your future is at stake. Depending on whether you are charged in Maryland or Washington D.C., the fallout from the charges can be life-changing.

At Lotze Mosley, our Washington, D.C. sex crimes attorney will assess your case, and craft a unique approach to confronting the allegations with the best outcome available. Our dedicated approach to criminal defense allows our attorney to take on the stress that accompanies these cases, so our clients can focus on moving forward with confidence.

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