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At Lotze Mosley, LLP, our Maryland and Washington D.C. white-collar criminal defense attorney knows it is not always easy to identify the signs that a criminal investigation is underway. That is exactly how the investigators want it. Therefore, they typically investigate different targets of crime in varying ways, so they are unable to discuss their denials or defenses before they are arrested.

If you are being investigated for a white-collar crime, you should contact a Washington D.C. criminal defense attorney immediately to ensure your rights are protected from the beginning. Local and federal law enforcement are going to be aggressive in their approach to producing results in white-collar cases. So are we.

Here are a few ways to identify that you are the target of a white-collar investigation, so you can get the legal help you need faster.

What are the Most Common Signs You are Being Investigated for a White-Collar Crime?

Whether you are aware that some type of criminal activity is taking place, or if you are merely on the periphery, finding out about an investigation before you are questioned by law enforcement may provide the best opportunity to mount the proper defense.

Some of the most common signs that you are being investigated for a white-collar crime may include, but are not limited to:

  • You have been contacted by a colleague who informs you your name came up in during police questioning.
  • You have been contacted by law enforcement by phone or mail, who want to meet with you and ask questions about your involvement or knowledge of illegal activity.
  • Law enforcement appears unannounced at your home, work, or other location to catch you by surprise and ask you questions about a case.
  • You receive a grand jury subpoena notifying you that you must testify or produce requested documents for a white-collar crime case.
  • A search warrant has been executed to search either your home, workplace, or both.

If you believe you are under investigation for a white-collar crime case in Washington D.C. or Maryland, contact our skilled white-collar criminal defense attorney at Lotze Mosley, LLP to ensure your rights are protected going forward by calling 202-393-0535 today.

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