At Lotze Mosley, LLP, our criminal defense attorney in Washington D.C., and Maryland have represented clients who have been arrested and/or charged with domestic violence — even when the alleged victim was not the one who reported the incident.

That is because domestic issues — real or perceived — have a way of impacting those who know, live with, or work around the individuals in question. In some cases, an overzealous neighbor may be worried that a loud argument has turned physical and want to do their part to make sure everyone is safe – or, in some cases, just stop the noise. Others, including interfering friends or intrusive strangers, may feel that the disagreement between partners, spouses, or other blood relatives has reached the point of requiring police interference.

So, what happens next? And who, if anyone, is going to be left facing potentially serious criminal charges?

Here is what our Maryland and Washington D.C. residents need to know.

Police Will Respond to All Domestic Violence Calls in Maryland and Washington D.C.

No matter who called the police, they have a duty to respond to all allegations of domestic violence in both Washington D.C. and Maryland.

Law enforcement will take statements from everyone at the scene, and will look for signs of physical abuse, property damage, or other potential evidence that someone is being threatened or hurt by a loved one.

In some cases, there may be nothing to the allegations, which may result in the police leaving without taking any action. In others, one person may be ordered to leave the home, or someone — or all involved parties — may be arrested. No matter the circumstances, the call and the response will be noted going forward. That means the address and the names of any involved parties become part of law enforcement’s records.

This may lead to a different result if there is a future 911 call to the same location, and/or involving the same people, which could lead to serious criminal charges for the accused.

Can Domestic Violence Charges Be Dropped by the Alleged Victim?

No. If an individual is charged with domestic violence in Maryland or Washington D.C., the alleged victim cannot compel the courts to drop the charges.

Once there is a report, and charges have been filed, it goes directly to the prosecutor’s office, where they will make the decision as to whether to move forward with the case.

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