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Driving with a suspended driver’s license in Washington D.C. is a serious legal infraction that includes penalties of up to $5,000 in fines and one year in jail.

If you have been accused of driving with a suspended license, you will need to hire a criminal defense lawyer that has experience in producing results for these severe traffic violations.

At Lotze Mosley, our Washington D.C. criminal defense attorney represent individuals from the time of alleged incident, when they are pulled over and charged with driving with a suspended or revoked license, through the court and administrative hearings to ensure not only are our clients’ rights are protected throughout the process, but that they have the opportunity to pursue the best outcome for their unique circumstances.

What Is Driving While Suspended In Washington D.C.?

In Washington D.C., your driver’s license may be suspended for multiple reasons, all of which carry serious penalties that disrupt your personal and professional life.

Your inability to drive, court appearances, and the extended process required to get your license back can take months — even years — to settle properly without an experienced traffic violation attorney in Washington D.C.

The driver’s licenses of Washington D.C. residents may be suspended or revoked for:

  • Points accumulation through speeding, seat belt violations, or failing to give right of way to pedestrians
  • Major moving violations, including DUI, DWI, or reckless driving
  • Driving more than 30 mph over the posted speed limit
  • Leaving the scene of an accident that results in injury
  • Failing to appear at a scheduled court hearing
  • Refusing to submit to a blood-alcohol test when stopped on suspicion of DUI in Washington D.C.
  • Driving without insurance
  • Failing to pay child support

What Happens If I Drive With A Suspended License In Washington D.C.?

If you are caught driving on a suspended or revoked the license in Washington D.C., you will be arrested.

If your license is suspended, simple tasks like getting to work, the grocery store, or doctor’s appointments become challenging. At Lotze Mosley, our traffic violation lawyer can assist you in pursuing specialized driving privileges, so you are not putting your livelihood at risk.

What Are The Penalties For Driving With A Suspended License In Washington D.C.?

In Washington D.C., you may be jailed for up to one year, and/or pay a fine of up to $5,000 for driving on a suspended or revoked license.

When Will My Suspended License Be Reinstated?

Your license will be eligible for reinstatement after you make the necessary payments and complete the necessary hearing, training, or testing steps required.

The process is lengthy and requires all drivers to attend a reinstatement hearing — in person.

If it is determined at your hearing that your license can be reinstated, you will have to repeat the steps to obtain a license, including:

  • Take and pass the knowledge test
  • Get a learner permit
  • Schedule, take and pass the road skills test
  • Submit the appropriate documents to the DMV to acquire the license

The hardships associated with driving with a suspended license far outweigh the need to get from one place to the next.

At Lotze Mosley, our defense attorney will guide you through the legal process to explore each aspect of your case, and take advantage of your opportunity to explore specialized driving privileges, so you are not tempted to drive without a license.

If you have already had your license suspended, and were caught driving, contact our accomplished traffic violation attorney in Washington D.C. today by calling +1 202-393-0535 to discover your legal options and how we can help expand them.

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