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Understanding Fraud

Although fraud is a sub-category of white collar crime, someone can be accused of any number of very different fraud crimes, including, but certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Mail fraud:  Any time individuals use the postal system or the Internet to unlawfully obtain money or valuables, they can be federally charged of mail fraud.  Typical examples of mail fraud include misrepresentation of mail order merchandise, impersonation of someone else to convince victims to send money, or get rich schemes.
  • Government fraud:  Taxpayers typically pay the price for government fraud, making it a serious crime.  Examples include offering bribes for or falsifying billings for government bids, making false claims to obtain funds from the government, and Medicare/Medicaid fraud.  These crimes carry harsh penalties under the law.
  • Mortgage fraud:  This crime involves any actions intentionally performed to misrepresent information on a mortgage loan application to obtain approval for a loan that would not normally be granted.  One common form of mortgage fraud is equity skimming, in which a buyer takes title to property that is in default under the terms of the existing mortgage.  The buyer, who avoids making mortgage payments then profits from ownership by renting the property or obtaining home equity loans—eventually leaving the original owner with no property and a foreclosure.

How a skilled Washington, D.C. white collar crime lawyer can help you avoid or defend fraud charges

Although there are many valid cases of fraud crimes occurring across the country, many people commit fraudulent acts unintentionally.  In most cases, ignorance of the law is not a valid defense, but white collar criminal law tries to identify what a defendant may reasonably expect to know about the law.  A Washington, D.C. white collar criminal lawyer who can show a client had a valid misunderstanding of the law and honorable intent can potentially get the charges dropped.  Of course, this is just one possible defense against fraud charges.

Whether you are being investigated or charged with a fraud crime, you need an experienced Washington, D.C. criminal defense lawyer who is skilled in this unique area of the law.  Contact Lotze Mosley, LLP at (202) 393-0535 to schedule an initial appointment to discuss your situation as soon as you are investigated or charged with a crime.

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