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Felony Charges and the Importance of Being Acquitted

At Lotze Mosley, LLP, our Washington D.C. criminal defense attorney has represented clients with remarkable success in Maryland and Washington D.C. since 1993. Our commitment to our practice area communities allows our aggressive approach to legal victories to effectively serve our clients by providing short- and long-term solutions for their legal troubles.

When our clients are charged with a felony, our firm provides unmatched care and service, allowing the consequences of a conviction to be clearly outlined from the moment we take their case. Felonies are extraordinarily serious and require that the accused have an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side for each step of the process.

Being Charged with a Felony in Washington D.C.: The Legal Process

The lengthy process of charging an individual with a felony, and convicting them of the charge, requires a committed attorney who will aggressively fight the allegations from the moment the legal procedure begins.

Step One: Arraignment

If you are arrested on a felony charge that was not mandated by a grand jury, you will appear in front of a judge within 24 – 48 hours. You will hear the complaint, and will be released on your own recognizance, or held in jail based on any existing factors including the depth of the charge, and your current position in society, including being on

probation, parole, or a defendant in a pending case.

Step Two: Preliminary Hearing

The two critical issues at hand during a preliminary hearing, also called a detention hearing, include:

  • Is there probable cause that you committed the crime?
  • Is there is probable cause should you be released?

During this hearing, our attorney will express the facts of the case, and explain the reasons for your release.

Step Three: Grand Jury

All felony cases in Washington D.C. must be presented to a grand jury unless the defendant waives the right to indictment.

Step Four: Status Hearing

If you are held after your preliminary hearing, a status hearing will occur to determine whether plea negotiations are underway, or if the case will be slated for trial.

As experienced criminal defense attorney, Lotze Mosley, LLP, will provide all the information necessary for our clients to make an informed decision regarding their rights and legal options. This includes disclosing whether the Prosecutor’s Office has offered a plea, and the collective client/attorney response to it.

Step Five: Jury Trial

If a plea offered by the government is not accepted, the case will move to a jury trial, where a 12-member panel, the jury, will hear both sides of the case argued and will decide whether to return an innocent or guilty decision.

Step Six: Sentencing Hearing

If you are convicted of a felony by the jury or plead guilty as part of a plea, a sentencing hearing will be scheduled within 60 days.

The Consequences of Being Convicted of a Felony in Washington D.C.

The most obvious penalty of being convicted of a felony is jail time. Unfortunately, once the sentence is complete and the debt to society paid through incarceration, the consequences remain upon release.

These consequences can include, but are not limited to:

  • Parole or probation
  • Home detention
  • Fines and restitution
  • Travel restrictions
  • Inability to find employment
  • Inability to purchase or own a firearm
  • Loss of professional licenses or ability to be employed in certain fields
  • Trouble renting a home
  • Ineligible for public social benefits and housing
  • Complications with parental benefits

Being convicted of a felony can contribute to social problems, and an individual’s inability to volunteer at their children’s school, or coach sporting teams they are involved in. The far-reaching complications of having a felony conviction on your record can interfere with your physical, emotional, financial, and psychological well-being now and moving forward.

How Can Lotze Mosley, LLP Help Those Facing Felony Charges in Washington D.C.?

The Washington Violent Offenses Defense Attorney at Lotze Mosley have more nearly 25 years of experience in representing clients from all walks of life who are facing severe felony charges. As your lawyer, we will work tirelessly to have your charges thrown out completely, reduced in severity, or will provide stellar representation at trial with an acquittal from the jury as our primary goal.

You do not have to face these charges alone, and it is highly recommended that you always have an attorney present when discussing your case with the police, the Prosecutor’s Office, or any officer of the law, so there is no confusion about where your rights are concerned. If you have been, or believe you will be, charged with a felony, contact our criminal defense attorney at Lotze Mosley in Washington D.C. today at 202-393-0535 for a consultation.

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