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Washington, D.C. Drug Charges

Drug crimes are taken seriously by both local Washington, D.C. and federal law.  Drug charges can involve virtually any activity involving drugs or narcotics that are not legally in the possession of an individual—but most drug charges fall into certain common categories.

Common drug charges

The most typical drug charges are:

  • Drug possession:  A drug possession charge involves more than just being caught with drugs.  In fact, a drug possession charge can include possession with intent to distribute or sell, drug transportation, drug manufacturing, and even drug cultivation.  Medical marijuana would naturally be exempt from these charges.
  • Drug distribution/trafficking:  A drug distribution charge is typically thought to be less serious than a charge of drug trafficking.  In fact, these are two names for the same thing, involving transferring drugs to another party, whether as a gift or through a sale.  The type of drug involved in a drug trafficking charge, combined with the quantity involved affects the penalties for conviction.  And, when children are involved, sentencing is particularly severe.
  • Drug manufacturing:  While a drug manufacturing charge can involve activities that create drugs by combining chemical components, the legal definition for this crime is actually much broader, involving any activity that prepares drugs for illegal distribution.  Examples include cultivation of marijuana and even re-packaging prescription drugs for illegal sale.

An experienced drug crime attorney in Washington, D.C. is required for an effective defense

To most people, facing any type of drug charges is a frightening experience they are ill-equipped to deal with.  From the moment of an arrest, everyone has the right to an attorney who helps protect them from self-incrimination and other potential harm to their defense.  But, drug charges are complicated, requiring an attorney who knows both federal and local laws and has experience handling drug charges in either court system.

Contact our experienced drug crime attorneys

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