How we can help expunge your records

Any criminal conviction can appear on your record, affecting employment, educational, and financial opportunities.  But an expungement destroys all of the official records relating to a criminal charge.  No one can use the record for any reason and your record appears as if the arrest and trial had never happened.

However, expunging a misdemeanor or felony requires a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who can work with the Superior Court or District Court to clear your record.  Nikki Lotze of Lotze Mosley, LLP has spent years defending clients and protecting their records.

What can get expunged

The only matters that the court will expunge are first drug possession offenses and certain kidnapping convictions.  We can help with these, along with sealing the records for other qualifying arrests.

The Superior Court may expunge certain first-time misdemeanor possession charges if you meet these requirements:

  • The arrest was for possession of a controlled substance
  • No other crimes were involved
  • The court did not find you guilty and ordered probation
  • You completed probation successfully and your behavior was nearly perfect

Lotze Mosley, LLP also helps clients expunge charges of kidnapping.  To expunge the record of kidnapping your own child, the District Court requires that the following happen:

  • Your conviction was for kidnapping your child in a custody or visitation dispute
  • This was your only conviction for kidnapping
  • Your youngest child (not necessarily the kidnapped child) has turned 18

If your conviction was for kidnapping someone else’s child, you must meet the following qualifications to have your record expunged:

  • Your conviction was for kidnapping someone else’s child in a custody or visitation dispute
  • This was your only conviction for kidnapping
  • It has been five years since your conviction or the child is 18, whichever is longer

Expungement advice from our criminal law attorney in Washington, D.C.

Contact our attorney online and schedule a consultation to discuss how you can clean your criminal records. Do not let an arrest or conviction haunt your life when there are options available.

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