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5 Important Steps to Building a Strong Criminal Defense Case

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At Lotze Mosley, LLP, our Washington D.C. and Maryland criminal defense attorneys know that when our clients are charged with a crime, there is nothing more to important to their future than partnering with a skilled lawyer.

The reality is, whether you have been charged with a DUI or drug crime, a violent crime or fraud, the prosecutor’s office is going to do everything they can to turn your charges into a conviction.

Partnering with a skilled criminal defense team allows our clients to build a strong criminal defense that can help them get their lives back.

Here are some of the most important steps to ensure that is true.

Provide a Compelling Approach That Controls the Narrative of the Case

In criminal cases, the state has the burden of proving that our client committed the crime he or she has been charged with.

However, it is our job to control the narrative and ensure our client’s story is told — in its entirety and from our point of view — to tip the scales of justice in our client’s direction.

We will not allow the prosecutor to be the voice of what happened. We control the story.

Develop a Relentless Approach to Collect Evidence

Our skilled Washington D.C. and Maryland criminal defense lawyers will start our investigation by reviewing the evidence the prosecutors have to use against our client. The first step is to get any — or in some cases all — evidence that was improperly obtained excluded from the prosecutor’s case.

We will continue building our case to include any relevant discovery that strengthens our case, including interviewing witnesses, visiting the crime scene, and confirming whether statements, police reports, and other documents reflect — or more importantly conflict with — the prosecution’s allegations.

Exhibit a Deep Knowledge and Understand of the Law

Just because the state must prove every single element of the law beyond a reasonable doubt does not mean our criminal defense attorneys cannot be one step ahead.

We understand criminal statutes that allow us to pick apart specific components of the prosecutor’s case, so we can diminish the severity of their allegations, and build a compelling case against any left-over legal issues that may take our client’s case out of the courtroom and into negotiations or dismissed altogether.

Stand Aggressively and Fight

Developing a solid criminal defense strategy requires partnering with a skilled attorney who is ready to aggressively fight for your rights and your freedom.

We successfully advocate for clients at every level of the pre-trial and trial process and work tirelessly to ensure any evidence that can be excluded from the prosecutor’s case is never presented.

Gain Leverage & Secure a Win  

Our dedicated criminal defense lawyers in Maryland and Washington D.C. work hard to win cases before they ever go to trial.

The initial goal is to get our client’s charges dismissed by using our legal experience and leverage.

When we cannot get the case dismissed, we will build a strong criminal defense to have the charges decreased or find common middle ground with the prosecution that keeps the case out of the courtroom.

A legal win is different for each of our clients and is based on their unique charges and criminal history. Allow us to build a customized legal defense for your charges, so together we can pursue the best outcome.

Contact Our Criminal Defense Attorneys at Lotze Mosley Today

When our clients know their complete legal rights and options, they better understand the range of defense strategies that are available for their unique cases.

Contact our experienced criminal defense attorneys in Washington D.C. and Maryland at Lotze Mosley, LLP to determine the best course of action for your unique case by calling (202) 393-0535.

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