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The port city of Baltimore ranks as the largest city in Maryland. Situated in the central region of the state, Baltimore makes up part of the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area. Smaller compared to other United States cities, Baltimore ranks as the 26th-most populous city in America. The city is known for its port, which is the second major seaport in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, offering easier access to Midwest markets.

The city’s name is derived from Cecil Calvert, the second Lord Baltimore, who was a founding proprietor of the Province of Maryland.


The City of Baltimore encompasses more than 92 square miles and is home to upwards of 622,000 people. Nearly 53% of city residents are female, and the city’s population is relatively young, compared to the state median, with a median age of 34 years.

Baltimore’s urban setting contributes to its low median household income, which ranks slightly below $40,000. By comparison, Maryland’s median household income is more than $71,100. Baltimore is not as family-oriented as some of its surrounding communities, with less than 30% of residents married and a divorce rate that exceeds 10%.

Despite its history as an immigration hub, Baltimore is not home to many foreign-born residents, with only 7.4% of residents reporting being born outside the United States.

Industries and Jobs

Baltimore was once dominated by industry, with its economy primarily bolstered by the steel, shipping, transportation, and auto manufacturing industries. However, the city’s deindustrialization removed many low-skill, high-wage positions. Today, the city is dominated by a service economy and low-wages, with 90% of jobs in the city falling under that category.

The city’s blue-collar workforce and ideal location have seen its port operations consistently rank among the top 10 in the United States. In addition to its port industry, the city is also home to a number of medical facilities, including Johns Hopkins Hospital, which employs many residents in the area.

Baltimore’s populace nature and access to many major roadways see hundreds of thousands of drivers on the roads every day. Since the city is one of several transit hubs in the area, drivers in the region may experience escalated risk for driving offenses.

Driving Offenses in the Baltimore Area

Driving offenses already account for the most run-ins with the law, but they are particularly common in high-traffic areas. Between highways and local roadways, law enforcement officers are constantly patrolling for driving-related transgressions, including reckless driving, driving under the influence, driving without a license, or evading police.

These, as well as other driving offenses, carry heavy fines, and repeat offenders often face harsher punishment. Those with multiple driving infractions may have their driver’s license revoked, or even serve a jail sentence.

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