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The community of Catonsville is a census-designated place in Maryland’s Baltimore County. It is part of the Baltimore metro area and forms the city’s western border.

Catonsville is known as an educational town, as it is most well known for the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, which is home to more than 14,000 students. The town is also home to a number of museums and parks and recreation facilities, making it a popular location for tourists and families.

Additionally, in 2002, Catonsville was declared to be “Music City, Maryland”, as it boasts such a rich music culture.


Unlike the neighboring city of Baltimore, Catonsville is a fully landlocked 14 square miles. Catonsville has a population of more than 41,500 people, more than half of which are female. Catonsville is a slightly older community than many of the surrounding areas, with a median resident age of nearly 40 years.

Residents in Catonsville make slightly less than other communities in the state, with a median resident income of approximately $68,400.

Industries and Jobs in Catonsville, MD

Many Catonsville residents work in the Baltimore area, but the community’s proximity to Washington, D.C. also allows many residents to commute to the nation’s capital for work. Since Catonsville is an educational epicenter, driven in large part by the University of Maryland campus, many residents are either students or professionals in the University system.

Many residents are also employed in other industries, such as military, government, and business occupations. Additionally, Baltimore’s port operations also make Catonsville an ideal location for manufacturing and transportation professionals.

As is the case in many major metropolitan areas, there is an increased risk for crime, including violent crime in Washington D.C., Violent crimes come in many forms, including gun-related offenses.

Gun Crimes in Catonsville, MD

It is an unfortunate fact that gun-related offenses dominate the crime rate in America. On any given year, there are thousands of gun-related incidents that occur in the United States, both fatal and non-fatal. Each day, Americans are involved in gun-related crimes, and the issue has become a prevalent one in urban areas that are affected by gang activity.

Gun-related transgressions range from illegal possession to homicide or assault with a deadly weapon, each carrying varying fees and penalties, including jail time.

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