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Why Should I Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney Over A Court-Appointed Defense Lawyer?

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The American Bar Association suggests that defense attorneys handle no more than 150 felony cases in one year, which is significantly fewer than the 590 cases that the Bureau of Justice Statistics report that public defenders handle over a single year.

The difference between the two is that court-appointed defense lawyers, or public defenders, as overworked, underpaid, and carrying massive caseloads.

Isn’t A Washington D.C. Public Defender Free?

Although public defenders are appointed to represent individuals who cannot afford their legal representation, the outcome is often as effective as the amount paid.

Since their caseloads are so heavy, very few court-appointed attorneys can dedicate the personal experience, time, and resources necessary to produce favorable results.

There are many, many stellar public defenders in our court systems, but most are trained to take a plea deal quickly, so they can move onto their next case without delay. When you are innocent, a plea deal is the last thing you want to happen.

And while our criminal defense attorneys at Lotze Mosley work on a fee-based model, the overall costs for your case will depend on the type of charges you are facing.

The other major differences in retaining our Washington D.C. criminal defense lawyers is that we will available to you whenever you need us, and will use the resources consistently at our disposal to develop as much better outcome.

That can include:

  • Hiring expert witnesses to explain a key aspect of the case
  • Employing private laboratories to test evidence that could be used against you
  • Partnering with private investigators to bolster our case

Each criminal case we represent requires a committed approach to producing results. We are responsible for your success, inside and outside the courtroom, and have a proven track record that reflects our dedication to our clients’ needs.

Current Crime Data In Washington D.C. Requires An Accomplished Defense Team

While violent crime fell 7% overall throughout Washington D.C. last year, the Metropolitan Police Department said an increase in the use of guns in crimes like robbery is leading to a growing rate of lethal outcomes, accounting for more homicides.

As of August 13, 2019, the MPD has listed the following violent crime statistics throughout the District, with robberies surpassing last year’s total well before the end of 2019 is near:

  • Homicides:101
  • Sex abuse: 126
  • Assault with a dangerous weapon: 988
  • Robbery: 1277, up from 1211 last year

At Lotze Mosley, our violent crimes attorneys in Washington D.C. want our residents to understand that just because you are charged with a crime in Washington D.C. does not mean you are guilty of that crime.

We have talked about the importance of presumed innocence before, and we stand by that right when building a unique defense strategy for each of our clients.

If you have been arrested on criminal charges, contact our experienced Washington D.C. defense attorneys at Lotze Mosley today by calling (202) 393-0535 and learn more about the approaches we take to protect our clients’ rights while pursuing their best interests.

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