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Will My Criminal Charges Be Dismissed If I Have an Alibi or Evidence That Contradicts the Prosecution’s Case?

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At Lotze Mosley, LLP, our Washington D.C. criminal defense attorney knows that when our clients have an alibi or evidence contradicting the prosecution’s case, it can significantly impact their defense strategies.

We will thoroughly review the evidence, assess its relevance and credibility, and pivot your case in response to aid in your defense, which may include any or all of the following steps.

Criminal Charges in Washington D.C.

Investigation and Verification

We will investigate your alibi or contradictory evidence to ensure its accuracy and reliability. This may involve interviewing witnesses, gathering documents, or collecting other evidence to corroborate your claims.

Notification to the Prosecution

If we believe your alibi or evidence is solid and credible, we will inform the prosecution. This can lead to a reevaluation of the case by the prosecution.


The existence of a strong alibi or contradictory evidence can sometimes lead to negotiations with the prosecution. They may be willing to offer a more favorable plea deal or even consider dismissing the charges if they believe they have a weak case.

Pretrial Motions

We may file pretrial motions to present the evidence to the court. This could include a motion to suppress evidence or dismiss charges based on the new evidence.

Trial Strategy

If the case goes to trial, we will use your alibi or contradictory evidence to build a strong defense. That may mean presenting witnesses, documents, or other evidence to show that you were not at the scene of the alleged crime or that the prosecution’s case is unreliable.

We will also cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses to challenge their credibility or to highlight inconsistencies in their testimony, further supporting your defense.

The new findings and evidence will bolster our closing arguments, emphasizing the reasonable doubt created by the alibi or contradictory evidence.

If your alibi or contradictory evidence is solid and persuasive, it can lead to a favorable outcome in your case. However, the effectiveness of this evidence will depend on its credibility and how it is presented and argued by your attorney.

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