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What are a Criminal Defense Client’s Role and Responsibilities During Their Case?

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At Lotze Mosley, LLP, our Washington D.C. criminal defense attorney understands the commitment we make to our clients when we pledge to work tirelessly to pursue the best outcome for their cases. We take that responsibility very seriously.

It is important to note that our criminal defense clients play a crucial role in their defense, and there are several responsibilities they should fulfill to work effectively with us and to help build a strong defense.

Here are some typical roles and responsibilities of a criminal defense client — even if they partner with a law firm other than ours.

Criminal Defense Client's Role & Responsibilities

Honesty and Full Disclosure

Provide your attorney with complete and honest information about the case, including all the facts and circumstances, even if they may be unfavorable to your defense. Your attorney needs all the facts to develop an effective defense strategy.


Maintain attorney-client privilege by keeping all communications with your attorney confidential. This ensures that you can freely discuss your case without fearing your discussions being disclosed to others.

Prompt Communication

Stay in regular contact with your attorney and promptly respond to their requests for information or documents. Timely communication is essential for building a solid defense.

Compliance with Legal Advice

Follow your attorney’s legal advice and instructions. This includes attending court hearings, meetings, and other legal obligations as directed by your attorney.

Witness and Evidence Gathering

Assist your attorney in identifying and securing potential witnesses and evidence that may favor your defense. This could include providing contact information for witnesses, gathering documents, or preserving physical evidence.

Preparation for Court Appearances

Appear in court on scheduled dates and times as required. Dress appropriately and conduct yourself respectfully and attentively in the courtroom.

Understanding of Legal Process

Make an effort to understand the legal process and the charges against you. Ask questions if you have any concerns or need clarification about your case.

Financial Obligations

Ensure you know the financial arrangements with your attorney, including fees, expenses, and payment schedules. Comply with payment agreements.

Behavior and Conduct

Avoid engaging in any criminal activity or behavior that could negatively impact your case while it is pending. This includes adhering to court-imposed restrictions, such as bail or probation conditions.

Protecting Your Rights

Be aware of your constitutional rights, like the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Exercise these rights appropriately in interactions with law enforcement.

Remember that your criminal defense attorney is your advocate and is there to guide you through the legal process. By fulfilling your responsibilities as a client, you can work together to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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