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The Role of Criminal Defense Attorneys: What You Need to Know

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At Lotze Mosley, LLP, our Maryland and Washington D.C. criminal defense attorney is a legal expert who defends individuals charged with criminal offenses using in-depth knowledge of the complexities of criminal law, including statutes, case law, legal precedents, procedures, and client rights.

We use our experience, skill, and resources to leverage our complete knowledge to craft solid legal arguments for each client’s unique case.

This means accepting multiple important roles designed to produce the best outcome. While we tailor our defense strategy for each client’s needs, some standard requirements help us customize our approach.

Seasoned Defense Attorneys

Providing a Thorough Case Analysis

Seasoned defense attorneys thoroughly analyze the case details, including examining physical evidence, witness statements, and police reports, partnering with evidentiary experts when necessary, and reviewing relevant documentation to identify each case’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential legal strategies.

Protecting Our Client’s Rights from the Start of Their Unique Case

One of the crucial roles of criminal defense attorneys is to ensure that their client’s Constitutional rights are upheld, including protecting against illegal searches, guaranteeing the right to a fair trial, and preventing self-incrimination.

Emotional Support Backed by Strategic Legal Planning

Facing criminal charges can be emotionally overwhelming. To help our clients overcome the challenges associated with their arrest and criminal charges, we explain the legal process and how their goals align with the laws in their jurisdiction. This includes outlining the potential consequences and available options, alleviating their concerns, and providing reassurance that we have developed a strategic defense plan.

Strategic plans may involve negotiating with prosecutors to pursue alternative resolutions like plea bargains or building a solid defense for trial. We advocate for each client’s rights and interests throughout the legal process to serve as their voice and ensure their rights are protected at all stages so they have the tools to make informed decisions about their case and future.

Mitigation & Negotiations, When Applicable

In cases where the evidence points to a conviction being likely, we work to mitigate the impact of sentencing by presenting factors that may justify a lesser punishment, including our client’s background, circumstances, and remorse.

We will then negotiate with prosecutors to reach a favorable outcome, which may involve discussing reduced charges or plea bargains.

Trial Preparation & Courtroom Representation

If a case goes to trial, we will thoroughly prepare by formulating a trial strategy, selecting jurors, creating compelling opening and closing statements, presenting arguments, aggressively cross-examining witnesses, and presenting evidence that puts our client’s best interests and future first.

A skilled criminal defense attorney is an essential ally when navigating the complexities of the criminal justice system. Lotze Mosley. LLP works diligently to protect its clients’ rights, build strong cases, and ensure a fair legal process.

If you have been accused of a crime or arrested and charged with a crime in Washington, D.C., or Maryland, contact our skilled criminal defense attorneys by calling (202)-393-0535.

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