Common Misconceptions About Criminal Defense Strategies

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At Lotze Mosley, LLP, our Maryland and Washington D.C. criminal defense attorney knows that “true crime” television has helped substantially muddy the waters of real-life criminal charges and defense strategies. In many cases, criminal defendants may believe they know what to expect from their case before they have had the opportunity to meet with a defense lawyer.

Here, we explain some of the most common misconceptions about criminal defenses and why it is essential to partner with a skilled defense attorney who will protect your legal rights from the start of your case.

Criminal Defenses

If You Are Innocent, You Have Nothing to Worry About

Innocence does not automatically guarantee a favorable outcome in court. Even if you know you did not commit the crime you were arrested for, the prosecutor’s office will not take your word for it. Building a solid defense to protect your rights and future is best.

Only Guilty People Hire Criminal Defense Attorneys

Everyone facing criminal charges, whether innocent or guilty, has the right to legal representation to ensure a fair legal process. However, this misconception often stems from investigators, detectives, and other law enforcement who consistently tell individuals arrested that “Innocent people don’t need an attorney.”

Cooperating with the police and providing information will not lead to leniency — even if they say it will. You have the right to remain silent and seek legal counsel before speaking to law enforcement. Invoke both.

Hiring an attorney is not an admission of guilt. It is a sign of intelligence, and the police know it.

Law Enforcement Always Follow Proper Procedures

Some believe law enforcement always follows proper procedures during arrests, searches, and interrogations. However, procedural errors and rights violations can and do occur, impacting the validity of evidence. We can help challenge law enforcement errors so our clients benefit from our commitment to their freedom.

Evidence Always Tells the Full Story

All forms of evidence can be complex and subject to interpretation. Some evidence may be misleading or omitted, so a skilled attorney can help present a more accurate picture. The strength of the evidence, legal strategies, and the case’s specifics all play a role in telling the whole story and defending the person behind it.

All Criminal Defense Attorneys Are the Same

Each attorney brings unique experience and approaches to their cases, including the ability to build strong cases by challenging evidence, procedures, and legal arguments relevant to your case.

If you have been accused of a crime or arrested and charged with a crime in Washington, D.C., or Maryland, contact our skilled criminal defense attorneys at Lotze Mosley, LLP, by calling (202)-393-0535. This will ensure your rights are protected from the beginning so you can make informed decisions about your future.

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