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What Questions Should I Ask Before Hiring A Defense Attorney?

At Lotze Mosley LLP, our criminal defense attorneys in Maryland and Washington D.C. understand that the stress of facing the prosecutor’s office alone can be overwhelming.

Whether you are facing heavy fines, probation or jail time without an experienced attorney, your ability to make informed decisions can be compromised by pressure from the State to accept a plea deal.

Do not let the prosecutor’s office bully you into an agreement without knowing exactly what the facts of your case can reveal. Remember, it is not uncommon for law enforcement officials to supply misleading information to get the answers they want. And without having the facts in front of you, you could be facing excessive charges and penalties.

Our experienced and effective criminal defense lawyers will fully outline your case after answering all your questions, so you can make informed decisions regarding your future.

What Are the Top Five Questions I Should Ask A Defense Lawyer?

Before hiring any criminal attorney, be sure they can answer the following questions about your unique legal circumstances, so you are not left fighting for your freedom on your own.

Question One: Has your law firm successfully tried cases like mine in the past?

When your freedom is at stake, you want a skilled and experienced criminal divorce attorney by your side.

When interviewing criminal lawyers, ensure your defense attorney has specific and proven experience handling similar legal circumstances to yours.

Question Two: What is your experience with this prosecutor, judge, and courtroom staff?

While most criminal courtrooms operate similarly, court procedures differ from county to county. Judges run their courtrooms differently, based on personal preferences and the laws that apply within their jurisdictions. When you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, search for an experienced lawyer who knows the ropes where your proceedings are taking place.

Question Three: What are the most likely outcomes for my unique case?

Defense attorneys should never promise you will be acquitted of the charges brought against you.

However, an experienced criminal defense lawyer should be able to outline the details of your case, including any admissible evidence or statements that the prosecutor has on their side.

These facts should be thoroughly presented to you before your trial, and each legal option explored, so you can make informed decisions regarding the direction of your case.

Question Four: What is our complete criminal defense strategy?

No one likes surprises. Especially inside a courtroom.

Knowing your criminal defense attorney’s legal strategy is paramount to your success. You cannot afford to wait and see when it comes to your physical freedom. You need to know your complete defense strategy, and why each argument is made on your behalf.

Question Five: How much will my criminal defense cost?

The topic of money can be a difficult one to nail down in criminal cases.

Since most defense lawyers work on an hourly rate, your defense strategy is going to be dictated by your charges and is going to be very different than anyone else’s case.

Your criminal history and overall defense strategy options will require a full evaluation to determine the cost of your case from start to finish.

Asking this question ahead of time will help determine your legal options, so you can create a financial plan for your case.

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Each criminal defense case is unique and may come with its own set of questions for our Washington D.C. and Maryland lawyers. Contact our accomplished and experienced criminal defense attorneys at Lotze Mosley, LLP today by calling (202) 393-0535 to schedule a consultation. 

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