Sex Crimes Attorneys in Washington, D.C.

What Type of Sex Crime Charges Does Lotze Mosley LLP Defend in Washington, D.C.?

Lotze Mosley’s team of Washington, D.C. Sex Crimes attorneys have defended people charged with sex crimes ranging from misdemeanor sexual abuse to first degree sexual abuse while armed. Other crimes we have defended include:

  • Statutory rape
  • Prostitution
  • Indecent exposure
  • Pandering, or Pimping
  • Child pornography

We also have experience handling charges involving adult and child sexual abuse.

What Are Penalties for Committing Sex Crimes in Washington D.C. and Maryland?

In Washington D.C., absent any aggravating circumstances, the maximum penalty for unarmed first degree sexual abuse is 30 years. For unarmed second degree sex abuse, the maximum penalty is 20 years. For third degree, the maximum is 10 years. For fourth degree, it is 5 years. Misdemeanor sex abuse carries a maximum penalty of 180 days incarceration.

In Maryland, the penalties range from life without parole for the most serious, which includes first degree rape, to one year of incarceration for fourth degree misdemeanor sex abuse. 

Registering as a Sex Offender if Convicted of a Sex Crime

Sex offender registration is required if you are convicted of all sex crimes, aside from a few, such as misdemeanor sexual abuse involving an adult complainant. The registration period can range from ten years to life.

Sex offenses involving minors as the complaining witness all require registration as a sex offender. This is a requirement no matter the degree of the crime.

How Can You Help the Innocent Charged with Sex Crimes in Washington, D.C.?

If you have been charged with a sex crime but did not commit it, obtaining aggressive legal representation is important.

Many sex offense charges come down to one person’s word versus another’s word, unfortunately. To combat this, you need a Washington, D.C. sex crime attorney that has investigators prepared to conduct a thorough investigation, interview any witnesses, secure surveillance footage, investigate witness backgrounds, and establish a defense.

If scientific evidence is involved, an attorney who is familiar with the terminology is important. Additionally, the attorney should be familiar with the government’s use of experts, and the different ways the expert may be able to provide the defense with tools to use in challenging and defending against any DNA evidence.

Sex Crimes Lawyers Washington DC - Sexual Assault Defense Attorney

How Washington, D.C. Sex crime Lawyers at Lotze Mosley LLP Can Help

Our team of Washington, D.C. criminal defense attorneys has successfully defended individuals who have been charged with the most serious sexual offenses. Our aggressive legal representation coupled with our resources, such as experienced investigators and experts, allow us to secure positive jury verdicts for even the most serious of sex crime charges. We are also skilled in negotiating favorable plea agreements for our clients. Call us today for assistance with your Washington, D.C. sex crimes charge (202) 393-0535.