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New Evidence May Boost Criminal Defense of Two Men Serving Life in Washington D.C.

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Newly disclosed evidence obtained from the scene of a crime in 1987 could lead to the successful appeals of 2 men who are currently serving prison terms for a murder they may not have committed.

The victim had been found dead after sustaining stab wounds, apparently inflicted by a burglar. Court records show that no physical evidence directly linked the crime to those convicted.

It was only recently when the Maryland Court of Appeals unsealed the case that prosecutors disclosed that palm prints at the crime scene did not match those of any of the convicted defendants. Those convicted are now asking a judge to appoint another prosecutor to handle the case.

Whose Prints Were at the Crime Scene?

The palm prints that were recovered by a window of the victim’s home reportedly matched those of another man who has been convicted of similar incidents involving a break-in and assault of an elderly woman. He also had charges of other burglaries in Easton, where the 1987 murder occurred.

Importance of Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are charged with a criminal offense, you may suffer very serious consequences, including up to life imprisonment and huge fines. Everyone accused of a crime is entitled to certain rights such as the presumption of innocence, and to a fair trial where the evidence necessary to convict must meet the standard of ‘guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.’

Engaging the services of a criminal defense attorney at the earliest opportunity is essential to protect your rights. Your criminal defense lawyer can inform you of the legal options available in your situation, weigh the evidence that the prosecution has against you, find flaws in the prosecution’s case, and raise criminal defenses appropriate to your case.

In Maryland, the criminal defense attorneys at Lotze Mosley, LLP have over two decades of combined criminal law experience, helping clients obtain the best possible outcomes under their situation. We handle criminal defenses for a wide range of crimes such as fraud, gun crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, theft, and traffic (DUI) offenses.

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