D.C. Violent Crimes On The Rise

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Just before 2014 ended, a 71-year-old man and his son were killed in Southeast Washington, and another was fatally shot a day later in the Northeast. This surge of violence began Christmas week.

According to the Washington Post, more than 15 people were killed from December 23 to the end of the year, four on Christmas Eve. Although the D.C. mayor considers the spikes in violent crime to be unexplained, he did tour two neighborhoods before the New Year in order to answer questions that many residents had regarding the recent spike in violent crime.

The mayor wants to drive down violent crime rates and ensure that police are doing their jobs and everything they can to curb violent crime in the area. She expressed her confidence in the police chief and in the group of officers that patrol the District of Columbia.

Violent crime is serious, and it affects a lot of individuals – including the accused. At Lotze Mosley, our goal is to assist those who have been accused – rightfully or wrongfully – of violent crime. Our years of experience in criminal defense have helped us to secure successful jury verdicts and plea negotiations for our clients. We strive to do everything we can to ensure that our clients are treated fairly by the Washington D.C. and Maryland criminal justice systems.

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