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Can I Argue Self-Defense in a Domestic Violence Case?

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At Lotze Mosley, LLP, our criminal defense attorney knows that the Washington D.C. and Maryland courts take domestic violence allegations very seriously.

That is why convictions for domestic violence are accompanied by serious consequences.

The question is, what if the charges were the result of self-defense?

We have answers.

Can I Cite Self Defense During a Domestic Violence Case?

Domestic violence calls are responded to quickly by law enforcement in Washington D.C. and throughout Maryland. And they should be. If someone’s safety is in danger, the police will react accordingly. That typically means placing the accused in custody.

The next step is to build a defense that counters the prosecution’s case.

The prosecution must satisfy all the necessary legal elements to reach a guilty verdict. If you were responding to domestic violence in self-defense, your case should reflect those facts.

That starts when the police arrive. Typically, law enforcement is inclined to believe the individual that made the call for help. When they arrive, they should look for — and document — facts that are relevant to both the victim and accused’s statements.

That may include any injuries, property damage, or witness statements.

When arguing self-defense, we must prove:

  • You were under an imminent threat of bodily harm.
  • You reasonably believed that you countered the threat with the necessary force to protect yourself.
  • You used the appropriate force to defend against the danger or threat.

To build a strong defense against domestic violence, our experienced criminal defense lawyers will help uncover as many facts and supporting information as possible to help prove you acted in self-defense.

Important documents may include whether there was a restraining order in place, or if you were being followed, or intimidated by texts or phone calls before the alleged victim approached.

Domestic violence cases are complex, and unique to each person’s circumstances, as the weight of the accused will go farther than you might think inside a courtroom.

Seeking legal guidance can help you effectively defend yourself if you are charged with domestic violence, so your case is reviewed accurately and fairly.

We can help.

Contact Our Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys at Lotze Mosley Today for Help

If you have been charged with domestic violence that was the result of self-defense, you do not have to face the prosecutor’s office alone. Contact our experienced criminal defense attorneys in Washington D.C. and Maryland at Lotze Mosley, LLP to ensure your rights are protected going forward by calling 202-393-0535 today.

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