Drug Crimes

Engaging an Attorney When Accused of a Drug Crime

- Lotze Mosley

Being charged with a drug crime can be detrimental to your career and your relationships – whether you committed the crime or not. If you have been charged with a drug crime, it is important that you engage an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you in defending the charges.

Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Criminal defense attorneys are specially trained in criminal law including trial tactics and plea negotiation. A lawyer whose focus is on criminal cases will be able to make strategic decisions on your behalf.

Putting Together a Drug Crime Defense

Oftentimes, defendants are charged with crimes they did not commit. When this happens, the defendant and his or her attorney should work together to craft a defense to the crime with which the defendant has been charged. This applies to any crime – whether it’s theft, fraud, assault, or a drug crime.

A criminal defense attorney will begin by interviewing you about your case. You will be asked questions about what led to the charges you are facing. You may be asked about witnesses to the alleged crime, any alibis you may have, and other information that will help your attorney in determining the best way to defend you in court. In a criminal case, the government must prove that you committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. If there is any question whatsoever that you committed the crime with which you have been charged, you should not be found guilty.

A drug crime defense prepared by an experienced lawyer will also be helpful in plea deal negotiations. If the government’s case against you is weak, your criminal defense lawyer can leverage that weakness, work towards avoiding a trial, and, where circumstances dictate, obtain a beneficial plea deal, or have the charges against you dropped.

Arrange an Initial Consultation

Being charged with a drug crime is stressful and you may not be sure what to do or to whom you can turn. However, by consulting our criminal defense attorneys at Lotze Mosley in Washington DC, you can be sure that we will be diligent in our efforts for you case to have the very best outcome possible.

For an initial consultation, we welcome your call to our office at (202) 393-0535.

Washington D.C. Citizens Vote to Legalize Marijuana

- Lotze Mosley

Washington D.C. voters voted to legalize marijuana in D.C. about a month ago, and recently, the D.C. Council started preparing to carry out the wishes of the voters.

Initiative 71

Criminal penalties for possession of marijuana were “overturned” by Initiative 71, which removes the criminal and civil penalties regarding adult possession of up to two ounces of marijuana. Additionally, the Initiative would allow an adult to cultivate up to 6 plants. These changes have not yet come into effect as D.C.’s Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration has 6 months to write regulations that would apply to marijuana producers and retailers.

Until the new initiative is formally ratified, the civil and criminal penalties applying to possession of marijuana will apply. As a result, anyone arrested and charged with a drug crime due to the possession or sale of marijuana will still be eligible for criminal and civil penalties.

Consult an Attorney If You Have Been Charged with a Drug Crime

If you, or a loved one, have been charged with a drug crime, such as possessing marijuana, it is important that you secure legal representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Our drug crimes attorneys at Lotze Mosley have years of experience handling drug crimes in the Maryland and Washington D.C. area. We are able to secure favorable plea deals or jury verdicts for our many clients, and we have a successful track record.

If you need help with your drug crime charge, we urge you to reach out to our staff to set up an initial consultation with one of our lawyers. It can make a huge difference in your future and the future of your loved ones.

For an initial consultation, we welcome your call to our office at (202) 393-0535.